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DEA Warns of Rainbow Fentanyl

"A new influx of brightly-colored fentanyl tablets, powders, and blocks that look like sidewalk chalk have the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) warning parents to be on the lookout for pills they believe are an attempt by the cartels to target younger demographics. But while the dangers of synthetic opioids like fentanyl, rainbow or otherwise, cannot be overstated, harm reduction experts and others are assuring parents not to panic." - MSN

This is especially important to pay attention to because Halloween is right around the corner. We urge all parents to scan all candy that is received before letting their children eat it. As you may know, fentanyl overdose is currently one of the top leading causes of death, so we cannot stress this enough. 

Read the full article here: DEA Warns Of Rainbow Fentanyl: Here's What Parents Need To Know (