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Our Mission

To increase public awareness of the effects of drug and alcohol misuse, behavioral and mental health disorders, by educating and supporting youth, adults, and the community at large through collaboration with other agencies in Clark County; thus identifying and promoting healthy behaviors and reducing substance misuse in our community.

Monthly Coalition Meeting

CARE Coalition holds monthly meetings in our conference room located at 1919 S. Jones Blvd. Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89146 See our monthly meeting schedule.

Speakers and Lunch Donors Wanted!

Are you interested in speaking about prevention at one of our Coalition meetings or donating lunch? Please contact Thanks for your support!

Donate to CARE Coalition

We are able to conduct much of the work we do through grants made possible through the State of Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health. However, grant funding is not enough. We also need private donations to help us continue to support Clark County, our home.

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What is the CARE Coalition?

Sectors from our community come together as one voice for the common goal: to promote a drug-free environment. Coalitions are not prevention programs or traditional human service organizations that provide direct services. Rather, we are directed by local residents and sector representatives who determine the best strategies to address substance abuse in our community.

About Care Coalition

The CARE Coalition, which was incorporated May 2011, brings together organizations and individuals who provide services and resources that help youth and families create positive and supportive environments that lead to resiliency and self-empowerment. CARE Coalition focuses on the greater Clark County area including the rurals and serves the Clark County Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board.

The CARE Coalition is a nonprofit organization that provides awareness, and education to members of the community regarding the number one health problem in Nevada: alcohol and drug abuse. The goal of the coalition is to reduce the number of first time drug users in the community and to provide a resource for at-risk individuals to build their capacity and resilience.

In 2021 the CARE Coalition granted over $100,000 to several non-profit agencies in Clark County with money from Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA).

The Coalition has community members and partners from the youth; local business; healthcare professionals; educators; media; law enforcement; youth organizations; parents; religious, fraternal and civic organizations; schools; volunteer groups; and state, local and tribal agencies-communities.

What We Do

The CARE Coalition is a nonprofit organization committed to substance abuse prevention in Clark County.

  • We encourage CONNECTEDNESS of people in our community by uniting those with an interest in substance abuse prevention to local agencies, resources, and services that will help youth, families, and communities to flourish.
  • We strive to generate AWARENESS about substance use and how prevention can impact those never exposed, those at risk, and those who are recovering from substance abuse.
  • We offer RESOURCES for opportunities, direct services, and information that will help provide EDUCATION to our community.

We CARE to make a difference in Clark County.

CARE’s Plan