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Man Arrested After 2 More Fentanyl Deaths in Las Vegas

It is sad to share that 2 more people have passed away from fentanyl in Las Vegas. A man has been arrested after a mother and son were both found dead last year due to the drug overdose. What many do not realize is that this drug is so potent that the smallest amount can kill someone. To put it into perspective, fentanyl is 80-100 times more potent than Morphine, according to investigators/medical examiners. We share this because we want to bring this fenanyl crisis into light, and we really hope everyone understands the severity of the situation. Fentanyl is no joke! We ask that you please share this information as we continue our efforts to bring awareness to our communities! To read more about this story, please click the link below.


Man arrested after mother, son die from fentanyl overdoses in Las Vegas (